Monday, April 30, 2012

no mess (yeah, right) painting

I was really excited to try this no mess painting idea with Genghis. Read below to find out how much it didn't work.

1 gallon ziploc bags

Put a piece of paper in the plastic bag. Squirt some paint onto a few sponges and drop in the bag. Give the zipped bag to your toddler to squish the sponges around and make mess-free art.

What Actually Happened:
Genghis immediately was deeply attached to the sponges. He carried them (sans paint) all around the house while I got everything ready. Needless to say, he panicked when the sponges were stuck inside the plastic bag. Did mom really do these awful things on purpose?!

We soon took the sponges out, put on a smock, and got to painting the messy way. Genghis absolutely loved it. The sponges were just right for him to stamp on the paper. We continued our lesson on color, and he happily called everything yellow.

One of the best parts of the activity was having him help wash up afterward. He particularly enjoyed getting into the soap while I stepped away for a moment to tend to Xena.


Sarah said...

Ha ha! I love that last photo. "Should I not be eating this soap?"

Sherry said...

Ha! I have seen the mess-free finger painting on Pinterest, and it just doesn't look fun to me. I figured when the kids are big enough and it is warm enough I'd just plop them outside in their skivvies or non-nice clothes and let them go at it with washable paint. And then I'd hose them down before they came back inside. Or else they can paint in the unfinished basement.