Friday, April 13, 2012

friday photos

I finally got around to decorating Xena's bathroom suite.

What it looks like from her perspective.

On another note, I have had a lot of questions on how Genghis is doing with little Xena around. Here are a few of the interactions they've had.

- When Xena is in her swing in the living room, Genghis will either A) grab the swing and vigorously rock her back and forth or B) go to the piano and play the pre-set "jazz organ" demo song, which is set to a sort of funk-calypso beat, for her listening pleasure.
- When Xena's pacifier is in sight, Genghis will either A) pluck it out of her mouth, B) attempt to stick it back into her mouth, C) try it out himself or D) all of the above.
- Genghis regularly checks in with Xena when she is hanging out in her bouncy chair by stroking her head and saying "sooooft".
- If Xena has been napping for a while, Genghis will look up at me and say "Xena? Xena?"* Today during her nap the door to her bathroom nursery was open. While my mom and I were commenting on how well Xena was napping just then, Genghis ran into her room and gave her an energetic wake up call.
- If Xena is wearing socks, Genghis will considerately remove them for her.
- Throughout the day, Genghis will repeat our family names - Mama, Daddy, and Xena. After each name I am supposed to tell him where each family member is (Mama is with Genghis. Daddy's at work. Xena is sleeping.)
- Sometimes if I'm not at home, Genghis will cry out for Mama, Mama, Mama. If that doesn't get results, he'll switch to Xena.
- Genghis walks around the house naming Xena's things - Xena's chair, Xena's bath, Xena's socks (laying discarded on the floor wherever he last pulled them off).

We are so proud (and surprised) at how welcoming and loving Genghis has been of little Xena. He knows she's a permanent part of the family, and he's very happy about that.

*Except for some reason he uses her real name instead of her blog name. Go figure.

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This is very cool - did you make that mobile?