Wednesday, April 18, 2012

learning shapes but mostly tape

Another toddler learning activity that Genghis and I tried out.


Cut simple shapes out of paper and then tape them to the wall with your toddler. Talk about the shapes as you cut and tape them up. (When I originally saw this idea, it instructed parents to prepare the shapes in advance, but that seems totally unnecessary.)

What Actually Happened:
Genghis was mostly interested in the tape. He loved getting a tape roll on his finger and trying to put it on a shape. He also enjoyed putting the papers up on the wall, but didn't ever quite get that the tape side had to face the wall. He was less interested in the shapes, but I'd said about 1 in 3 times he'd correctly identify a shape. (I won't mention that we were only working with 3 shapes.)

He was also flummoxed when the shapes got stuck to his feet. He would bend over to try to pull them off, but that just made them stick even more.

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