Tuesday, April 10, 2012

flashlights and forts for a rainy day

On a rainy morning, we pulled out our largest blankets to construct a fort over our table and then crawled inside to explore the wonders of flashlights. This is another top of the list activity for being simple and easy to pull off with no prep beforehand.

Heavy books
Colors shirts or tissue paper (optional)

Construct a fort over the table using blankets and heavy books to keep the blankets in place. Here's a photo, for reference.

(Okay, I won't patronize you anymore. You don't need me to tell you how to build a blanket fort. Do whatever you want for this step.)

Crawl inside with your toddler and some flashlights and have fun exploring.

Advanced version: Bring in a few colored shirts or tissue paper and put the flashlight in the shirts or under the paper and watch how it makes the colors glow. Talk about different colors. Perhaps explain the physics of luminosity.

What Actually Happened:
I build the fort - it was key to close up all the openings with blankets so it was totally dark inside. Genghis only crawled inside once I demonstrated how cool it was. We had two small flashlights, which he was completed enthralled by.

I snuck out and grabbed the "advanced version" shirts and tissue paper. Genghis was even more enthralled by the flashlight under the shirt. But he didn't quite have the fine motor skills to get the light in and out. He was a bit frustrated with that, and I, in turn, was a bit frustrated that what started out as a potentially wonderful independent play time turned into a mother-assisted play time. (Oops, did I admit to wanting less play time with my child out loud?)

Next time we'll probably just stick with the flashlights.

Trying so hard with the shirt. (Note: As I recall, we actually never got around to putting pants on Genghis the whole day. I think he counted that as a victory in the ongoing "I only want to be totally naked" battle.)

Without the flash, you can see Genghis's eerily glowing face on the left.

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Dave said...

We followed your instructions and had one of the happiest days Olin has ever had. Thank you so much for posting this!