Thursday, April 5, 2012

a simple color learning game

Genghis has been totally uninterested in color identification. So I was thrilled to find this super simple activity that actually got him saying colors - often, correctly. I love, love, love, how little supplies and set up are needed for this. Perfect for a quick, go-to game.

Colored construction paper (2-3 sheets per color)
Largish bowls

Set out the paper and bowls. Together, tear up the paper and crumple it into balls. Sort the paper balls into different bowls, depending on the color of the ball. Direct toddler to pick up different colors and put them in appropriate bowls.

What actually happened:
Genghis couldn't quite tear the paper on his own (probably a good thing, considering the number of our books we keep at his level), but if I got it started for him he did pretty well. Same for crumpling the paper. He was very into putting the paper balls into various bowls, though not too concerned about matching the colors. However, for about 90 seconds, he listened to me talk about the names of the colors, repeated them back to me, and even identified some of the colors correctly without prompting. Success!

Also, he enjoyed walking around the room with the bowls on his head.

Video intended to show off his new color skills. Instead, just shows off his independent streak.

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