Wednesday, May 2, 2012

save the library!

The library is one of a community's most valued resources. It's a safe, clean, comfortable space for learning, work, and imagination - for anyone. Personally, I use my library to ...

... get wonderful books and movies. I probably have 30 things checked out from the library right now. (ha! just checked my account and the exact number is 32. and i have checked out 420 items since September 25, 2009. i <3 data.)

... have a quiet place to work. This was particularly true when I had in-house babysitters. I could take off to the library and settle in to a cozy chair and good wifi connection and plow through work. Although I was a bit annoyed that they have a policy against sleeping in the library, this actually worked to my benefit when the 3pm yawns came. I knew if I fell asleep one of the staff would politely rouse me.

... teach my toddler how to survive in a semi-structured learning environment. Genghis loves to be completely independent in his play, and library story time has been a great way to introduce a bit of structure for sitting, listening, and following directions.

... learn new songs, games, and activities to do with my kids. While Genghis learns to sit during storytime, I learn new songs, riddles, and hand games that we play over and over again at home.

But libraries are facing a challenge with the transition to ebooks. Many libraries let people check out ebooks to download to their ereaders for a limited time, just like with physical books. But many publishers are limiting the selection of ebooks available to libraries. From my own experience, I know it has been challenging to get the best books in ereader format through my library (even though publishers allow libraries access to the physical copies).

In order for libraries to keep serving patrons, they need to transition their great collection of books to include these digital books. And right now, there's a petition out for people to let publishers know how they feel about this issue.

If you want to support your local library, please take a few minutes to fill out the petition through this web site. Check out the video below to find out more, or just go directly to the web site. And spread the word!

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