Saturday, March 28, 2009

things are looking up

And I didn't even have to start wearing make up!

This week I tried to get to bed early and wake up early enough to do my favorite morning routine of yoga, scripture study, and breakfast. I felt energized and healthy each day.

Also helping is the warmer weather. Which, of course, brings with it a chance to resume Ultimate! We had a captain's meeting on Thursday night for the spring league we play on. And on Saturday I went to my first casual pick-up game. It was glorious. I couldn't run very far without panting, but it helps that everyone else is similarly softened by winter hibernation.

Three cheers for smelly cleats, grass stains, and full layout bids!


Dawn said...

YEA!!! for smelly cleats, grass stains...and WHATTT?? Well, yea for spring anyway!

Mary Pugh said...

Hey Erin! I found your blog through Eric and Sherry's! How are you guys? Have fun with the spring weather hope you are both well!