Saturday, April 11, 2009

motion for a 30-hour work week

All in favor?

I thought so.

Still, somewhere in the 8 hrs I have left after sleeping and working Mondays-Fridays, I have managed to squeeze in a well-balanced life. Despite my lack of posts in the last 2 weeks.

Monday: While everyone watched in despair and maybe horror as the snow accumulated throughout the day, I was anxiously awaiting 5:15, when I would bus home, grab the neighbors' sleds and Abe, and make our way to a local park. Between sickness and negative temperatures, I never went sledding this season.

There is a small but very steep hill close to our house that we scoped out in the fall. It did not disappoint. With the sun setting on our snowman bunny (we were coming up on Easter, after all), Abe and I stood at the top of the hill, daring each other to be the first to attempt descent. After I watched Abe careen to the bottom, I made my way to a side hill. We both ended up taking about 3 runs from the summit. We quit while we were ahead and went home to chili and hot chocolate.

Tuesday: Racquetball and weight lifting at the gym. Good stress reliever. Followed by freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and an episode from Season 2 of the original Star Trek series.

Wednesday: Dinner for a sick friend and entertaining her wonderfully fun children for an hour.

Thursday: Drawing a blank. Perhaps more Star Trek?

Friday: Burnt chicken, coloring Easter Eggs, special feature: Inner Space. Looking for a 1980s Martin Short movie co-starring Meg Ryan and directed by Steven Spielberg? I thought so.


Maren Hansen said...

I'm pretty sure Brigham Young advocated for a 30-hour work week too, so you're in good company. I like the looks of your week, except for the snow part... :)

Dawn said...

Sounds like a good week! We colored eggs yesterday. It was fun!

Rachel said...

As a matter of fact, I never pass up a recommendation for a Martin Short movie. And Inner Space looks like it has all the makings of a hidden gem!

Mamacita said...

Stephanie has that in her movie library (wouldn't you know).

Erin said...

I still need to check out Johnny Appleseed.