Wednesday, March 18, 2009

i'll have the chicken, please

Several years ago, when traveling to my old roommate's wedding, Abe & I decided to listen to Spanish language tapes on the way (yes, I said tapes). The the only tape we could find at the library was an intermediate level. We went for it anyway, with the unfortunate result that the only Spanish Abe knew was "Hay dos pollos", or, "There are two chickens".

We were at the wedding dinner later that weekend, where they were serving a choice of chicken or beef. In passing, we overheard one hispanic waiter say to another - refering to a table's order - "Hay dos pollos".

That has very little to do with the subject of this post, which has nothing to do with the title of this post. The subject being, we just got back from our trip to Mexico!

Trip highlights:
- Successfully getting across the border, and back again.
- Being with all 16 members of my family.
- Seeing old sites and friends in Arizona before going to Mexico.
- Surviving various calamities (dad vs pneumonia, sister vs stingray, brother-in-law vs mexican "police", 4-car caravan vs 4 GPS devices)
- Wearing shorts
- Not putting on shoes for 3 days, but being outside almost the whole time
- Eating avocados

Some photos.

Cute nieces.

Cute nephew

Nephew and me with large white sunglasses & double chin.

Classic Erin/Abe shot.

What Abe did most of the time.


Maren Hansen said...

Look at that form! Come play frisbee with us sometime...

Dawn said...

Sounds like a great trip. Hope your dad, sister, etc all won their particular trials!

Sarah Black said...

Mmmmm...I'm thinking of my avocado-filled tortilla right now...

Janssen said...

Abe said we had to make you feel incredibly guilty for not coming to Austin; so, what would make you feel the most guilty?

Erin said...

Guilty, huh? ...maybe if you guys had better avocados...

Chelsea said...

I like the chicken story. I knew a guy who only knew two phrases in French, "Je suis un ananas," and "Je ne suis pas un ananas!" ("I am a pineapple," and "I am not a pineapple!") The trick is saying them with gusto. Oh, and the trip sounded fantastic--love the pictures.