Monday, March 23, 2009

perky polly picked a peck of potent peppers

but puddly paula poked a pack of porous potatoes

This is discouraging. I may have to start wearing make up on a regular basis. I didn't think my world would ever come to this. But several times in the last few weeks, when I went in to work, my coworkers look at me with concern and ask how I'm doing. One of them went so far as to call me "peaked" (merriam-webster's definition - being pale and wan or emaciated: sickly). This, for the girl who was recognized by her 11th grade cross-country coach for being "most enthusiastic" runner. Because what else do you call a girl who finishes the 5k in 45 minutes and smiling. Still, me and "peaked" didn't even use to share a room.

Alternative remedies to make-up to counteract my pale and sickly demeanor:
- Wear a high pony tail tied with ribbons. Think high school cheer captain.
- Dress in pastels.
- Dark sunglasses, or those creepy glasses with the open eyes painted on the lenses.
- Do vigorous push-ups in my office whenever people walk by.
- Sit with my cheeks resting on my hands, so they're bright red whenever I look up.
- Spread Vaseline on my teeth for a more dazzling smile.
- Sit on an exercise ball instead of my office chair.
- Wear sneakers.
- Close my office door.
- Walk in singing a show tune. "Oooooklahoma!"

Maybe I'll just go to bed earlier.


Jen said...

...or maybe you're just getting sick and it will all be over with in a week. Seriously, both the kids are sick and it started with their eyes.

Jared and Delia said...

Hmmm. I wonder if you are just getting sick too. You don't need make up. You are beautiful...and perky...enough without it.

Dawn said...

what's wrong with these people that they can't see the Perky Erin we all know? I vote for more sleep and ignoring them! :)

Andrea said...

Erin - you are hilarious! Do you feel like - I'm getting old?? Yeah, me too! But we totally aren't yet. No way! Maybe you are just more solemn at work? My co-workers have no idea that I could laugh for minutes w/out stopping. Maybe try that! I donno. I'm rambling, but don't worry, make-up not needed for at least 30 more years....

Stapletons said...

I miss seeing you at the Senior center! Hope you love your new job - can't be too bad if you have cute little lambs coming in!

amydear said...

I've always thought of you as fresh and youthful, not pasty. Hope that helps!

Jenna said...

I vote for Oklahoma! I also vote with Dawn...ignore me!