Friday, October 31, 2008

a non-Halloween post

Yesterday my sleepy self was roused by the complete stillness of a frozen morning. I was walking bleary-eyed but brisk to the bus stop - no running jam this time - when I noticed the grass standing at crisp attention. It, along with branches, leaves, wind, and sky, was immobile in a morning frost not yet broken by the sun.

This was the first frost this season. Not for the grass, I'm sure, but first because I was now part of the whitened morning instead of snug in bed and unaware.

I also got another job this week, working as a program developer for the local senior center. My days from here on out will be 40 hours split in 2. Don't get excited. I am getting paid for the second split, but my annual salary has not increased significantly.


amydear said...

Congrats on a paying job! Hey, at least it's something. I hope the museum work starts paying soon too. When do we get your costume reveal? I have no guesses. : )

Dawn said...

Yea! A job wit pay! We KNEW that masters program was worth it! LOL! And yea...what is the costume?