Monday, October 13, 2008

24 going on 82

Last week I commented to Abe that I felt like I was retired. Getting up when I feel like it, going on mid-morning walks to enjoy nature, picking up random hobbies like wreath-making, grocery shopping in the afternoon, reading an entire book in one day.

Well, when I said retired, I didn't mean elderly. Which is how I felt when I opened the mailbox today and found this:

I blacked out the return address to retain some degree of anonymity. What you should be noticing is my attempt to post a letter to Grandma Gong at address Grandma Gong. The stamp says "Returned for Better Address." USPS has such high standards. Anyone have any better addresses I can borrow?


Dawn said...

I'm pretty sure most 82 year olds remember to complete the address...probably...which leaves you where? LOL! :)

Spike said...

The stationary looks pretty sassy though...that has to account for something.

Mary Poppins said...

I'm so glad you immortalized that and posted it for our enjoyment. Hilarious!

Sarah Black said...

He could have stamped it "ILLEGIBLE HANDWRITING" and Dan.