Friday, October 17, 2008

Check out what's in my living room


The latest and loveliest addition to our family. Some of you may not know that I played the piano - extensively - throughout high school. Once I went to college that got placed on the back burner. I mean, the way, way, back burner, since I didn't really have ready access to a piano and I had to spend my time on reading lists and term papers.

I have wanted to bring piano back into my life for a long time, but didn't think that would be possible for a few years more, at least. But thank you, thank you, thank you, to my generous mother- and father-in-law, who made it possible for us to get this beautiful Yamaha Clavinova CLP 240 digital piano. It sounds and plays like a dream.

I will try to work my fingers back into shape and record a piece for the blog soon. Soon meaning it will probably take months to get to where I can play decently again. Stay tuned. (haha, like tuning a piano)


The Lunds said...

I'm jealous. Just the other day I was telling Travis that I would love to start playing again. I was no where near as talented as anyone else in the Bronson family, and I'd probably have to take lessons, but it's something that I truly miss. Can't wait to hear you masterpiece!

Jen said...

Aaaaah!!!!! That's so exciting!
I hear that you're a girl who "knows how to play Rachmaninov".

Dawn said...

I'd be impressed if I could SPELL Rachmaniov! Congratulations, I know you'll enjoy it!

Sarah Black said...

Looks beautiful. A home isn't a home until it has a piano.