Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4 and counting

Last Sunday Abe & I celebrated our 4th anniversary. Actually, we celebrated on Saturday, because Abe is usually in church-related meetings all day on Sunday so we don't see each other.

We went to the park/lake for a picnic and swimming. We took the back roads home and found a yummy shake stop and got a raspberry shake. We probably would have done other fun things but when we got home we both fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor for a few hours.

Because it's our anniversary I will claim the right to make a few sentimental comments about our marriage.

...okay, I just spent a long time trying to write out said sentimental comments, and I'm not doing so hot...

Instead I'll just say that I am very, very happy with Abe. I'm pretty sure he returns the feeling.

Our picnic.

Us, looking happy at 4 years. Isn't Abe's hair awesome?

Celebrating our beach ball victory. We brought a beach ball to play with in the water. Except that there were constant winds of 30 mph. So every time we tried to hit the ball it would fly to the shoreline and we would have to chase it down and bring it back out to the water. The sunbathers looked at us with pity. We finally devised a game where we stood about 3 feet apart, both facing the wind, and sort of tapped the ball back and forth to each other - basically tapping it forward and letting the wind blow it forcefully back to the other person. We had a goal of getting 20 hits without the ball touching the water. An hour later, in a moment of calm winds, we succeeded.


Jen said...


The Lunds said...

You two can always come up with something interesting and entertaining to do no matter what the situation. Yes our aunts are nuts. But remember the "sisters" dance that my dad and Tyler did? I think I peed my pants with that one.

Dawn said...

Congratulations on your 4th! I'm sure you will enjoy many more. You are such a cute couple!

Dave and Margaret said...

Wow 4 years. That's like having a bachelor's degree in Marriage. I hope you get Post-Doc upon Post-Doc!