Monday, August 25, 2008

End of Summer Tournament

Last weekend we had an End of Ultimate Summer League Season Tournament. We played three games to 15, from 10am until 4pm. It was a hat tournament, which means that teams are made on the spot, basically from a random draw (although you can request to be grouped with up to 4 others). Our team ended up being pretty stacked with experienced players, so we went 3-0, and were the tournament champions.

Thanks to Leah, here are some photos from the tournament.

I often clear about 2 inches when I jump to catch the disc.

Abe's ups are obviously more impressive.

Abe in perfect execution of the Flying Ninja.

The league had a burrito, watermelon, and beer party after the game. But I only got 1 piece of watermelon, so on the way home I made Abe stop so we could pick up a watermelon of our own. It was so worth it.

My wounded knee from diving in a dirt patch. I always dive in the exact same spot. This knee is constantly regenerating new skin.

Abe with a similar injury.


Dawn said...

How much fun was THAT! And such a cute picture of the two of you. Your faces, not your knees! :)

Jen said...

Congratulations on the win!! You are my ultimate hero.

Mamacita said...

Just don't break out those beautiful teeth. Don't they make ultimate leg guards of some sort?