Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Lunch

On Sunday we are going to a potluck dinner. The theme is "Back to School: What you loved and what you hated eating at school." I've been brainstorming possible things to bring.

College classics:
Macaroni & cheese (probably will be over-represented)
Ramen noodles
Instant potatoes
Subway sandwich
Grilled cheese

High school:
Fastfood anything

Elementary/middle school:
Fish sticks
Milk in a carton
Little Debbie snacks
Chicken patties on crusty white buns that get soggy in the middle from the pattie fried grease
School pizza - rectangular, thick & substantial crust
Waffles - I have vivid memories of Waffle lunch days

What are your suggestions/bad memories?


Chelsea said...

Were you in on the chocolate chip pancake made with Bisquick craze? It seemed pretty popular in the apartment at some point...

Dawn said...

You know, elementary and high school were so LONG ago that I can't remember much....and in high school we only went 1/2 days so there was no official "lunch" though I remember eating cheese and olive sandwiches in the back seat of some other teenager's car on my way to work every day. Really. Cheese and green olive sandwiches (with mayo, on white bread) are really good!

M&M said...

Remember in Hish School we would take turns going to each others house for lunch... well I think we went to yours more... Some favorite homemade pancakes and hormel chili with chips : )