Sunday, September 5, 2010

wats ^? sunny n warm hre. lol :)

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I have sat down several times in the past week to write something insightful and witty on my blog, but the well seems to be dry.

That's not quite true. The well is just full of baby, and I'm trying draw from other sources. It turns out everything I do is dominated by this baby. Just yesterday I walked into a cracker display at the grocery store because I was looking down admiring Genghis rather than watching my steps. That's actually the reason they always say that rear facing car seats are safer - it reduces parents distracted by cooing.

The frustrating thing is that a few weeks ago I thought of something really great to blog about. I forgot and then remembered earlier this week. But now I've forgotten again. So instead of pursuing fresh material I am consumed by trying to remember my awesome idea. Eventually I'll remember and realize that it wasn't really a great idea to begin with. It will feel the same as when you wake up from a dream in which you've had a brilliant idea and as you start to write it down you realize that recycling all of the dirty diapers in the world to use as home insulation probably won't sell after all.

I once had a dream that we could harness the power of new web 2.0 social networking technology to have people across the world report the temperature and precipitation. By uploading all of this data and analyzing it over time we could create a system for tracking and predicting outside conditions. And then I realized that we already have that system - they are called weathermen.


Whitehead Family Fun said...

Erin I saw you at church the other day but missed talking to you (kids were screaming). Congrats on the baby. What is his name? My email is (oh and I heard you are already out playing ultimate :)

- Samantha

Dawn said... make me laugh. Of course everything is dominated by baby. I hear it stays that way for about 20 years or so...maybe longer. Possibly forever. And that it's a good thing.