Friday, September 17, 2010

friday photos

Last weekend, we had Genghis's baby blessing (in my church, new infants are blessed and prayed over - somewhat similar to a christening). Abe's entire immediate family came, as well as both of his grandmothers. My parents also came out. It meant a lot to us to have people hail from California, Washington, Utah, Wisconsin and London to support us.

Abe's family.

My family (well, 5 out of 17 of us).

Doting grandmas.

Abe gives Genghis baby kisses.

Nuclear family.

Showing off Genghis's blessing kimono, made by my mom. Blanket made by my grandma.

Genghis & Grandpa.

Abe teaches Genghis how to play Dominion.


Dawn said...

Something special about that Grandma shot. And of course the nuclear family too! :) Glad your families could come out for this special time in your lives!

Jen said...

What a wonderful day, wish we could have been there with you. I can't believe how quickly Genghis has changed. I love the picture of him with Abe and the game playing shot, so perfect.

Janssen said...

We just started playing Dominion and are big fans. Clearly Genghis has excellent taste.

Chelsea said...

What great pictures--I love the kimono!