Friday, September 10, 2010

friday photos

Abe and Genghis having a man-to-man conversation.

We took a road trip to Washington D.C. last weekend. Abe showed Genghis around Old Town Alexandria.

The wrap is our solution to eating dinner together. Last night I was wearing Genghis and accidentally dropped spaghetti noodles on his head.

Genghis meets 2 of his cousins last weekend. Unfortunately, he was having a rough day so there wasn't a whole lot of cousin interaction. Except the time one cousin rolled the car seat onto his head. And the time she dropped the plastic T-Rex on his head. Really, though, the point of family is to toughen kids up.


Janssen said...

He is such a darling little guy. And my baby had sandwich crumbs on her shirt today because I was eating lunch while I fed her.

Dawn said...

And Genghis seems quite intense during his man-to-man discussion. Probably discussing why people keep dropping things on his head.

Weezie said...

Haha! Elsa looks quite concerned. Good training for their new brother though... and who knew his first spaghetti on the head incident/food fight would be initiated by you! Cute pix.

Megan said...

Andrew also seems to cry a little extra when meeting new relatives for the first time. G is so cute! I wish I could meet him.

Margaret said...

Nothing beats a baby looking serious - Genghis has that look down.