Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Hounded by abandon

I didn't want it to happen, but a full week has passed since my last post. Tut, tut.

More on Thanksgiving later.

For now another thought from the bus. I've had a lot of these lately. The bus is sometimes the only time I sit down and have a good, hard think. Translation for me = have a good, hard time to zone out and notice whatever is moving out the window.

Which, today, was a hound (or something that looked a lot like Greyhound's logo). I looked out the window just as its owner released it from its leash to the expanse of a snow-driven field. It dashed off and raced across with reckless abandon. The bus moved on before I saw any more. It got me thinking that I'd like a little more of that in my life - reckless abandon.

Maybe I'll post this without proofreading first.

... Hm ... nope. Didn't work. Well, small steps, right?


Dawn said...

For someone as list driven as you, posting without proof reading would be BEYOND reckless abandon! :) Hope your Turkey Day was fun! Now. Get out there and run across a frozen field. Or something. (and I'm posting this without proofreading it. Scary isn't it!)

amydear said...

It's better to proofread, trust me. I hate it when I go back and find an error. Try reckless abandon in something else -- maybe free form pie-making?