Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Remember Thanksgiving?

So most of us have been listening to Christmas music and enjoying tree lights and sugar cookies shaped like stars for almost a week now, but I've still got one foot in turkey-ville. First, I haven't re-lived the day on the blog yet, and second, I re-cooked half of Thanksgiving dinner tonight because I was really craving it (it meaning incredible stuffin' muffins, recipe courtesy of my sister).

(Full disclosure: we did put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving night, too.)

So, the tale of our Thanksgiving. I spent the entire morning procrastinating cooking. I began making pies at 1:00pm with a desperate call to my parents, who were just greeting their own guests for a noon-o'clock dinner. Yes, Dad, I think the early meal is sort of an old person tradition. It's okay. My dad makes the best pies in the world. I won't eat anyone's pies but his - or, at least, I won't enjoy them. So I called for some last minute advice, which included his caution that "any departure from Libby's 100% pure pumpkin & recipe is a disaster". Imagine my relief when I glanced down and saw that somehow in my Thanksgiving grocery shopping frenzy I made the judicious choice to spring for Libby's instead of the off-brand. Thanksgiving was saved!

The pies actually turned out quite scrumptious. But all of our guests had to say that because I prefaced dessert by telling them that my dad makes the best pies in the world and I was trying to be his protege.

Speaking of guests, we had 4 friends over: Chris & Megan, who brought the yummiest yams, Ruth, and Rong. Ruth is from Taiwan and Rong is from China, so it was fun to introduce them to our Thanksgiving traditions. Except that Ruth actually knew more about the reason we celebrate Thanksgiving than any of us. Go figure.

Well, that's the Hollywood version. It was actually a really lovely dinner with wonderful friends and a whole lot to be thankful for.

btw, no pictures because our camera batteries died.


Sherry said...

You should ask for rechargeable batteries for Christmas. We got them last year, and they have been the Best.Thing.Ever. Especially in New Zealand where a set of 4 AA batteries costs about $16. Anyway, it's awesome because we almost always have an extra set of charged batteries with our camera.

Sarah Black said...

We might need to put in a request for some of those dad pies when we're home for Christmas...I ended up cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday for Ben's birthday dinner request (with ham instead of turkey) and we ate that for 3 lunches and dinners in a row. Hooray for not having to prepare dinner again!

Megan said...

I was definitely not coerced into praising your pie making skills...they were delicious! I normally hate pie crust, but the crusts that you made were so good. Your dad should be proud.

Dawn said...

I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your Thanksgiving....I ended up BURNING the ham...and that's pretty hard to do! :)

Mary Poppins said...

i gave you an anonymous shout out on my blog today. thanks again for helping me out. and by the way, i'm interested in the stuffin muffin recipe.

Mary Poppins said...

actually, it was last night. so it's the dec 8th post: boomerang.