Friday, December 12, 2008

bunny bells

Abe told me about this Flash game that everyone in his department at school is playing during finals week. I think it's their last-ditch effort to maintain sanity. At any given time in the computer lab, a handful of sleepless students fall into a comatose of bunny bell-clicking to a variation on Pachelbel's Cannon.

Play the Bunny Game Now!

Personally, I don't see the appeal. My bunny keeps falling, and I get more frazzled trying to play. I think I need the Junior version, a bunny with a little more float, perhaps.

I prefer the chocolate game we found last May in celebration of National Chocolate Chip Day.


Jen said...

Such a great game. I think Gray outscores me every time. Have you tried the crossing game (also part of the Orisinal grid of games)? It's a little bit less frustrating and the deer are much more floaty but not as fun as the bunnies.

Sarah Black said...

I like it. The music keeps my frustration levels down. I'm not a very consistent player though. My score went from 60 to 910 and back to 60.

Sarah Black said...

Perhaps I shouldn't have revealed my terrible scores. Maybe 10,000 is a good score.

Sarah Black said...


Sarah Black said...

Okay. Ben just came home and got 12,000.