Monday, November 24, 2008

off my online schedule

Two jobs means two work schedules, and that has been tripping me up lately. Last week I was an hour late into work, causing my co-worker to freeze alone outside waiting for school bus groups to come to the museum, instead of freezing with me. Luckily, the buses were late so we faithfully froze together for another hour or so once I showed up.

Today I got to work on time, but at the wrong job.

I had the feeling that I should check my schedule, but I keep my calendar online with Google calendar. It's a great way to organize my schedule and keep track of everything. If I bother to turn my computer on in the morning.

Which leads to the greater dilemma. I've kept a paper planner, an online planner, and both. I need to keep track of upcoming events, weekly work schedules, daily to-do lists, to-do lists of things that need to get done eventually, but not today, etc.

But there are so many tools and systems out there, I think I may finally have to admit in Seinfield-esque tones that "it's not you, it's me."


Spike said...

Um, what?!? You turn your computer off?!?

That's just not healthy for a computer. They prefer to be running all the time. Pennies a day.

Problem solved. Google calendar rulz.

Maren Hansen said...

Ya, I never turn my computer (aka, my "baby") off. I also use Google calendar which only becomes a prob every time I'm out and about (docs office, talking with friends, etc), I get tripped up because I don't exactly carry my desktop w/me. (And no, I don't have a blackberry or pay to get online on my phone. Too expensive...) So anyway, good luck, it's not you, it's this crazy, crazy life!

Dawn said...

I'm laughing! I have two jobs too, but so far they aren't scheduling me too many hours, I keep a paper schedule (of course, it's me after all) but I need something to carry with me, because as they change hours on the fly I can't remember when I'm already committed. Sigh.

Dave and Margaret said...

Get a (used, old, thus cheap) smart phone! That way you can have it with you at all times, you could potentially get one with wireless access (so you can turn it on and check your calendar pretty quickly) and as long as you don't get an iphone you can be appropriately geeky (and thus not lose any self-respect). If you would let Dave research it for you he would be thrilled. That's what he does for fun. Constantly.