Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spring cleaning

Between being stuck in the library stacks filling out staggering speadsheets full of information on area foundations to hit up for museum grant money and interviewing on the senior center's cable TV show as the newest employee, I realized that many things that used to fill up my days have quite suddenly slipped away.

- Writing on my blog, for starters
- Yoga, sadly, though I blame this mostly on my recent cold
- Canning applesauce and raspberry jam (but was I really going to do more of this after doing it once?)
- Updating my reading on GoodReads (though I am still a voracious reader, working on Splendid Solutions, a book about the polio vaccine)
- Keeping a continual list of books and DVDs on my library waitlist
- Clearing out my GoogleReader
- Finding excuses such as random household projects in order to listen to Amelia Peabody mysteries on CD
- Playing the piano (I'm practicing up for my blog performance, as promised)

Well, that's long-winded enough.

The truth is, some of these will have to stay slipped away. I can't pull 8 hours from my day out of no where. But I want to consciously decided which ones slip. In the next 15 miinutes I'll do just that. Wish me luck.

In other news, I have been looking after my neighbor's cats for the last few weeks (they stay in their house, I stay in mine). It has all but guaranteed that my home will never come with household pets, except for the occassional fish.


Dawn said...

Oh but a dog is so much more FUN than cats! LOL! I agree that once I start working (this afternoon) I will no longer have much time for goofing off on the blog or goodreads or facebook or doggie school or or or...

Dave and Margaret said...

I hope that preserves (which I'm too far away to enjoy) get the boot rather than the blog (which I can enjoy).