Friday, July 13, 2012

friday photos, with a long preface

Where does the time go?

Actually, I can tell you exactly where.
- A week of strep throat
- A week of vacation
- An increasing stack of work assignments
- A faster-than-expected job search for Abe that leaves us making a decision about graduation, employment and cross-country moves by next week
- An adorable but biologically needy 4 month old
- An adorable but psychologically exhausting 2 year old

All of the non-essentials have been totally neglected, this blog included. (Baking cookies and making smoothies on a regular basis, by the way, is definitely an essential.)

It was eye-opening, really, to realize that the world basically keeps moving along just as it did before, without me blogging about it. Who knew? Of course, this realization tempted me to never click the "new post" button on this blog again. Maybe not open my Google Reader. Maybe even delete my Facebook account! (confession: I go on Facebook approximately once a month.)

But then I remembered that I just got my first smartphone, so I'm stuck with social media for the time being. (another confession: when I had my flip phone, I slept with it by my bedside as an alarm clock. I haven't yet slept with my smartphone by my bedside. It's unnerving to have something that intelligent right by me while I sleep blissfully unaware. No offense, Abe.)

And so, after that meta-analysis, on to some popcorn photos.

These are a few shots from a trip to Wisconsin with lots of family. Here Genghis prepares for the merry-go-round at Green Bay's Bay Beach amusement park.

The fearless gunner.

 Serious play at the Green Bay Children's Museum.

Xena leaning back to watch the mounted T.V. at Zesty's lunch stop.

And that's it for today. Maybe not the best capture of all the fun and excitement around here, but it's something. 


Megan said...

Good luck with your decisions!

Janssen said...

I'm excited to hear where you guys end up!

Jen said...

My kids had such a great time with you in GB. Hope to have you closer to us soon!