Thursday, June 21, 2012

friday photos

 We've been loving some hot summer weather lately. Last weekend we went to a nearby lake and spray park.

It took a long time to convince Genghis to approach the fountains, or "wa wa falls" as he calls them.

 Xena enjoyed riding on Abe's back this time. She is definitely a hand sucker. Sometimes a few fingers, sometimes a thumb. I suppose it's nice to vary it up.

Look out Xena! He's coming! 

I believe Genghis is pretending to be an airplane here. Later in the day, Abe took him out in the water for the "deeper and deeper" game. They would inch out (although my the end Genghis was running) chanting "deeper and deeper" as the water went to Genghis' belly button, chest, shoulders and neck.