Tuesday, July 24, 2012

it's finals week

You know how most college students go crazy at the library during finals week, cramming for exams, writing papers in their own blood, cursing all group projects ever created?

That was never me.

I either had professors who gave finals during the last week of class, so they could have more vacation time, or I had done well enough during the semester that I didn't need to do very well on finals. (Or the reason could simply be that I was an English major.)

Anyway, finals week were the best. Because I didn't have any classes to go to, I had just enough on my plate to keep from going bored, and I could usually talk people into participate in fun alternatives to studying in order to stay sane.

For the last month, I feel like I have been making up for all of those lovely finals weeks.

I am not in any classes. But every deadline in existence has been on my calendar. Along with doctor's appointments, house-hunting, Major Financial Decisions, exercise goals, birthdays, vacations (ack - did that just make my to-do list? something is amiss). I feel like my body is breathing but my brain is not.

I think I'm going through a grown-up growth spurt. Terribly busy and totally unexciting.

Does that mean I can eat that last brownie to make me feel better?


Chelsea said...

Wish I were there to play that dice game with you--I don't think anyone ever did win Legolas' never ending arrows. (I imagine that was at some point a finals week distraction.) Good luck with the deadlines!

Dawn said...

Go ahead and eat that brownie! You deserve it! Hope all your decisions have been made and you are excited about the next phase in the life of your family! :)