Sunday, August 1, 2010

project baby room: complete

This morning we mostly finished getting the baby room together. I still have 3 canvases to paint and hang, but I'm waiting for artistic inspiration.

Here's the safari side of the room. We didn't mean to go with an animal kingdom theme, but it's sort of inevitable with a 4-ft giraffe and zebra in the room.

And here's the utilitarian side of the room. The canvases will go on this wall to brighten things up (I'm thinking they'll be primarily orange).

To get the "lived in" effect. I also look very pregnant in these pictures.

Our goal was colorful, fun and frugal. Here's the approximate price breakdown:
Changing table: $15
Changing table baskets (6): $30
Changing pad: free
Pack n play: $35
Sheets (2): $20
Giraffe and zebra, other assorted animals: free/gifts
Glider rocking chair: $35
Fabric to recover rocking chair: $10
Curtains: $20
Curtain rods: $3
Nightstand: $5
Spray paint for changing table and nightstand: $12
Swing: free
Yellow wall paint: $25
Orange frame paint: $10
Big frame: $10
Small box frames: $2
Fabric and felt for frames: $8
Diaper pail: free

Total: $240


Chelsea said...

Nice! I love a good bargain, and it looks lovely.

Elizabeth Downie said...

love the safari theme! Can't wait to see the baby! :)

Delia said...

It looks great! Nice job and great deals Erin! You look so cute too with your little basketball belly.

amydear said...

Everything look so nice, and you look so happy. Can't wait to hear of baby's safe arrival. We're in a race! I'm set for August 9th. : )

Rita said...

And 10 hours after you posted this, little Genghis arrived! Can't wait to see him.

Weezie said...

Fabulous job... sort of safari in Venice.

Looks like there will be no bon bons for you this week... but plenty of use out of the rocking chair!!

Jen said...

What a cute room, and just in time!! Can't wait to see the pics in your next post. Congratulations.