Saturday, July 31, 2010

they always said i'd use my degree as a parent

This week, Abe & I drafted our Communications Plan for having this baby. Abe did Public Relations for his undergrad, so this was right up his alley. There are 3 phases to the Plan.

Phase 1: Labor begins
Protocol: Erin contacts Abe when she's pretty sure things are serious. If away, Abe comes home to assume role as birth coach.

Phase 2: Hospital time
Protocol: Contact midwives/hospital, parents and siblings.

Phase 3: Baby is born
Protocol: Contact parents, siblings, friends (email, facebook, blog).

Abe is the CIO in this whole operation. I owe him email contact lists soon. I suggested he draft emails ahead of time and fill in pertinent information ("Just emailing to let you know Erin is in labor and we heading to the hospital. She has been in labor for the last ______ hours and is feeling ______. We'll let you know when the baby is born or if anything unexpected comes up.")

We're not sure if my role is Chief Executive or Chief Operations - I'm leaning towards me as Operations and the baby as Executive, since Executive makes all the decisions and Operations goes through all the work.

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Janssen said...

That last paragraph made my day.

When you go eight days past your due date, you realize you are definitely not the one running the show.