Thursday, July 1, 2010

is this called tooting my own horn?

In 3 minutes I'll be walking a few blocks to the bus stop to ride over to our Ultimate Frisbee game. I find this funny because I am walking/busing so Abe can have the car to come to the game late after a meeting he has. Imagine, making the pregnant one walk/bus instead of enjoy the luxury of a 1999 Corolla*.

I really find this funny because 3 weeks ago, we had to do the same thing. Abe was out of town, with the car, and I needed to get to our game. But busing would take a while because to get home I'd have to time everything right and make a transfer.

The obvious solution was to ride my impulse-buy garage sale bike that I purchased a few weeks before. I rode in to work (2 miles), after worked I dressed out and packed up my cleats and disc and biked to the fields (5 miles), played a competitive game to 15 (scored one of the points!), and then biked home (7 miles).

I made this great Google Map showing the complete bike ride, but then realized I didn't want to blatantly display that much of my personal information.

Just to recap, that's 14 miles, 1 game, 1 point at 31.5 weeks pregnant.

So I think I can handle the walk/bus ride today at 34.5 weeks.

*disclaimer: don't blame Abe, it was my suggestion


Sarah Black said...

Hmmm. I'm going to have to step up my game.

Kristin McElderry said...

I am impressed! My non-pregnant self would have a hard time with that. Way to go Erin.

Weezie said...

That's my sister!! Right on!

You are part amazing, part nuts! I can't believe you're still playing! But very impressed you're already training up Ghengis.

Megan said...

Good job! I cannot believe that you are still playing frisbee

candice said...

Yep, you are amazing :)

Janssen said...

It's the frisbee playing that amazes me!

Whitehead Family Fun said...

I love it. Oh and congrats on the baby come by and visit good old Northwood, I'm sure Ghengis would love eating sand out of the sandbox :)