Monday, August 9, 2010

if looks could kill

I may have given birth last Sunday, but on Saturday I officially became a mother.

I woke up at 6:30 for our morning feeding (after our 3:15 snack) and sat in the lamplight of the nursery for 1 hour while we worked through nursing. At 7:30 I realized we needed to leave in 10 minutes to get to our appointment with the pediatrician on time. With Genghis slung over one arm, I packed our diaper bag, readied the car seat with blanket cushioning around the head area, and ate a bowl of cereal. I must have put him down to pull on some pants and a shirt, and then we were out the door.

As we drove down the road I realized I hadn't even looked at myself in the mirror. And, what truly makes me a mom, I really didn't care.

Some random photos from the last few days...

Abe thinks our stroller/car seat travel system looks like an armored vehicle.

On a walk Saturday morning, after I had time to put a headband in, before I actually showered. Abe & I may look fresh and smiley, but Genghis reflects what we are both feeling inside.

Grandma fixes everything.

My favorite candid grandma shot.

Genghis gets a bath.

Not really a fan.

Calm, clean baby.


Elizabeth Downie said...

That last picture is so adorable - they all are though, really. And you look great! If you hadn't said you were unshowered, I would never have guessed it.

tpmotd said...

Congratulations again! I'm very happy for you two.

candice said...

What a cute little baby! You two look fantastic for just having a baby. Great pictures, especially the one of Abe and grandma helping little Ghengis take a bath.

Dawn said...

Awwwwww.....they say it gets easier...but I wouldn't know! I hope it does!!! He's a cutie!

Janssen said...

How fun is he?? I'm loving the new baby phase.

Weezie said...

What great pix! Such a cute little guy. I need to get out there pronto. Love candid shots with mom! (also lover her strategically placed arm in the towel pic! haha!)

You look like you're fitting right into your new role!

Mrs B said...

You look great! Cute hair!! Congrats on the gorgeous new guy- He's perfect!