Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Serve the people whole grains of delight!"

So I was rotating our food storage today (I can't believe I'm saying that...) and came across several boxes of granola bars we need to eat. They are best by 09/2009, but I think that's more of a suggestion. Besides, I wasn't a huge fan of these to begin with, so the best by date is really irrelevant.

While I was switching the bars to our "to eat" cupboard (as opposed to the "save for times of extreme famine" bins in the closet), Abe pointed out that the back of the box looks like a 1950s Chinese propaganda poster.

"We will progress into the bright future of nutrition!"
"Serve the people whole grains of delight!"
"Forever march on the victorious path of Nutri-Grain!"


Dave said...

"There is no 'me' in nutri-grain comrade."
"But are two i's."
"That means us."

"5 [servings] in 4 [bars]!"

Sarah Black said...

This blog post made me laugh out loud.

Janssen said...

This made my day. When we have our meet-up, make sure to bring along the propaganda bars.

Margaret said...

The fork in the road, allowing you to choose the blank and uninviting yesterday or the bright and exciting tomorrow is my favorite part. It's not like they're trying to push you in one direction or the other, it's just that, you know, not eating nutri-grain bars is so yesterday.