Thursday, March 18, 2010

i'll admit it - i'd never know who molly ringwald was if i didn't have older sisters

The good news is the weather is changing! The bad news is that usually comes with a spring-time cold.

After lots of sleep and working from home this afternoon, I decided to end the day with an episode of 21 Jump Street on hulu. For no better reason than the last time I was sick (back in August - go immune system!) I did the same thing. Tradition makes decisions so much easier.

This inspired me to make a list of TV shows I was addicted to growing up. As I made this list, I found myself secretly hoping that more classics from the 80s would show up (I never even watched 21 Jump Street before last August). But I have to admit that I really am a child of the 90s.

Has anyone else noticed that people my age (almost 26) tend to talk about the 80s as if it was their childhood? It's like we have some complex about wanting to belong to the ugliest decade in history. Clearly, by the time we were autonomous humans, we were beyond moussed bangs and shoulder pads. We're the generation of "wassup" and "sweet" not "psych" and "bogus".

So, for all those ashamed of being part of the 90s generation, here's a list of TV favorites that you know you secretly loved.

Salute Your Shorts
Boy Meets World
Clarissa Explains It All
Hey, Dude (Okay, I may have been the only person who watched this one)
Home Improvement
Sabrina, The Teenage Witch
Ren & Stimpy
Saved by the Bell
Full House
Family Matters
Are You Afraid of the Dark?
Rocko's Modern Life
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Bobby's World
Pepper Ann


Amy said...

One of the girls from Hey Dude is also in The Wedding Singer. The movie was on TV awhile back and it was driving my roommate and I crazy that we couldn't figure out where we knew her from. I had to IMDB her, but when I said, "Oh, she was on Hey Dude!" Stephanie just gave me a blank look. I'm glad to learn now that I'm not the only one who watched that show :).

Sherry said...

I never really liked Rocko's Modern Life, and I've never heard of Pepper Ann but all the others are spot on. And I'd like to add Ghostwriter and Wishbone.

Jen said...

Ugliest decade? That's so bogus.

Janssen said...

Loved "Boy Meets World" and "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." I feel old now.

Delia said...

I love that list. It brought me back. Whoa! I only like 80's cartoons but I really did grow up with those. :)

Elizabeth Downie said...

I totally watched Hey, Dude! And I love(d) Sabrina. :)

Chelsea said...

I've actually always been quite happy to admit that I don't remember the 80s. I'd almost forgotten about Pepper Ann too, that's a good one.

Brittany said...

Oh man was I a fan of Salute Your Shorts and Clarissa Explains It All, I wanted her crazy phone! Hey Dude was definitly watched too. I'll admit to being a 90's kids. The 80s were great but ya, I was watching Seasame Street not Molly Ringwald.