Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snape, Snape, Severus Snape ... Dumbledore!

This afternoon at lunch, someone commented on my co-worker's name (Nandini). She wondered if that was also the name of the snake in Harry Potter.

My inward dialogue went something like this:

"Huh? That's not even close to Voldemort's snake. Her name is Nagini - clearly not the same. ...oooh, I can't wait for Abe to leave town soon so I can finish reading the next 2 books in the series. I've been waiting so I can obsessively re-read them in preparation for the 6th movie coming out on DVD, without worrying about also being an attentive wife. ...Wait, why is no one else at the table commenting on the fact that Nagini is not Nandini? Am I the only person who thinks this is quite obvious? Yes. Yes, I am. Perhaps I should feel embarrassed."

I then mentioned that the snake's name was, in fact, Nagini. To my relief, Nandini piped up and said that Nagini means something like cobra. A fellow Harry Potter fan*? Possibly.

Tonight I decided to put myself to the test, literally, with Scholastic's Harry Potter trivia quiz.

Sample questions I got right:

- In what forest did Harry and Ron find the sword of Gryfinndor? Although the forest near Godric's Hollow is a tempting choice, it is actually Forest of Dean.
- From what book did Harry get Hedwig's name? History of Magic.
- What was Hagrid's giantess mother's name? Fridwulfa.

I lost the quiz at 20 points (you could only get 3 wrong answers) on this question: What is Mrs. Weasley's favorite nickname? I re-took the quiz and stalled on the first question: What was Professor Slughorn's favorite candy?

So my random book fact knowledge was somewhat high, but not off the charts.

I sorted through other Google searches to a promising "How Obsessed Are You With Harry Potter" quiz. Turns out, I'm only 18% obsessed with Harry Potter. A "Part time fan". I was also a little creeped out by many of the questions:

- Do you call your least favorite teacher Snape?
- Did you learn about time travel theory just so you could understand the complications that would arise from Hermione's use of the time turner in Prisoner of Azkaban?
- Have you ever visited the Harry Potter Lexicon?
- Are you one of the posting members of the Leaky Cauldron (B. K. DeLong, Heidi Tandy, Melissa A. etc)? Did you donate money to The Leaky Cauldron, hoping to find out what was on that mysterious auction card?

Clearly, there is an entire Harry Potter sub-world that I am blissfully unaware of. I will confine my fantasy to a hardcover and cozy living room chair.

And, perhaps, humming this catchy little tune.

*A little known fact is that my father read the entire Harry Potter series in the bathroom. Funny on oh so many levels.


Jen said...

I love it! Naomi and I just finished the first book together and are starting on the second. It's super fun to re-read them. Aah, the puppet pals... my kids can recite them all. Maybe something for the talent show next summer??

Brady said...

I will admit that I have both visited the Harry Potter Lexicon, and that I did donate money to the Leaky Cauldron hoping to find out what was written on the mysterious card.

I also own at least three albums of "Wizard Rock." Two of them are Wizard Rock Christmas albums. Think about that. ;)

Marry said...

I'm probably a 5% fan then... I hardly remember a thing, but I'm faitfully collecting the books so I can read them to my children... Can't wait for the latest movie to come out on video

Megan said...

You have some impressive Harry Potter knowledge. Maybe you should get one of the Harry Potter trivia board games. Abe, Chris, and I would have to combine our scores and square them to even come close to yours.

Katherine said...

I took the quiz...I'm 34% obsessed (which, according to the results, is pretty obsessed, while still being fairly normal). I'm with you, Erin - I spend time really thinking about things like that... I've been listening to the audiobooks (Jim Dale is the BEST!) on my journeys between Grand Rapids and home, and loving it! (This'll be my second time listening for most of them...) Maybe Harry Potter therapy isn't a bad thing...

Dawn said...

I feel old. I haven't read ONE Harry Potter book. Have no clue what you're talking about. But DID giggle at the video clip! Does that count? I guess that would make me a -25% Harry obsessed. But perhaps I should read at least book one?

Erin said...

The books are great for re-reading. Rawling really crafted the plot from the beginning, and drops in so many delightful hints throughout the novels.

Brady, I am afraid for you.

Also, I am slightly upset because on Abe's flight out today (remember how I'm re-reading the books in preparation for watching the 6th DVD - 200 of 209 holds at the library) they showed the movie. And he didn't even bother to get the headphones!

Morgan said...

I'm a 100% Snape Fan.
x Morgan