Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chinese! (part III of Vancouver!)

1+ month later, I think these are the last photos of my trip to Vancouver: a beautiful, cloudless morning in Chinatown.

This giant abacus was right next to our parking spot on the street.

We visited the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Garden. The guided tour was actually really interesting. Our guide explained how the garden creators used light and dark, round and square, to create different visual effects. He explained that viewpoints were very important.

For example, we stood for a while in this beautiful spot.

Then the guide had us look through the circular door to a beautiful view on the other side.

We then walked through the door, turned around, and saw the same garden as a completely different scene.

Reflections of nature and structures were also a running theme. Depending on what side of the water you were standing on, you would see a completely different scene because either nature or man-made structures were prominently reflected.

I think I would be happy with a Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Garden of my very own.

Here's a Chinatown street view.

I thought the principles of yin and yang were reflected well in this store display. What you can't see is that they bobble back and forth.


Sherry said...

There are Chinese Gardens (is a Chinese garden?) in Dunedin, and we went there twice. I think I would have appreciated it more with a guided tour. I definitely appreciate them more after the insights you shared from the Vancouver Chinese Gardens.

Jared and Delia said...

Gorgeous pictures and such a beautiful day. A photographers paradise.