Wednesday, June 17, 2009

not without my handbag!

When I leave the house, I go through a quick mental checklist to make sure I have everything. The checklist used to be wallet, keys, good to go.

Then I got a cell phone and started wearing glasses. Wallet. Keys. Phone. Glasses.

Now the list is wallet, keys, phone, glasses, sunglasses, and iPod. Imagine if I made it a habit of always carrying a purse! I could add checkbook, change purse, screwdriver, tissues, miniature calculate, lip balm, miniature flashlight, granola bar, pen, miniature notebook, miniature fashion dog, a small collection of sea shells, extra socks, a smock, fish food.

Is this why women have so many purses? There's so much to possibly carry that you have to distribute the essential nonessentials among various handbags, and use different ones depending on both outfit coordination and anticipated emergencies. Bus ride into work: black satchel with ballpoint pens, Macbook, favorite magazine, and body spray. Day at the beach: cherry basket weave with Nalgene water bottle, retro sunglasses, lotion, the Twilight series, favorite sunshine yellow towel, and tiny drink umbrellas. Drop off in combat zone: sandy camo with matching hand grenade clip-ons, equipped with combat boots, parachute cord, and a set of miniature carabiners.

Lest you think I am disparaging the all-purpose handbag, check out this old claymation feature that emphasizes the importance of a purse to lady.

Wallet, check. Keys, check. Directions to the underworld, check.

(If you're interested in more claymation, here's another favorite: Creature Comforts: An interview of London Zoo animals. Sorry, no embedding option. )


Sarah Black said...

"My auntie is a zombie from hell!" Thanks for the's been too long since I've watched that.

Sherry said...

I bought a purse after I finished my last class at BYU because I realized that I couldn't rely on my backpack anymore. At the time, I thought the purse was sufficiently large; it could hold a small water bottle, my wallet, sunglasses, mp3 player, chapstick, and even a book. Now I'm reading bigger books, and there's never enough room. I find myself frequently looking with envy upon other chicks' purses.

Jared and Delia said...

Fish are so funny, and SO right! There are times that I think, "oh I won't need it this time" I almost always regret it!