Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Fleeting Moment of Photos

After on-and-off (mostly off) experiences with our camera batteries, we purchased new ones last night. This morning I loaded up the new juice and downloaded the few photos we've managed to take since March. While clearing the camera's memory, it died again. So it wasn't the batteries' fault after all. Which means we're in the market for a new camera.

It's a mixed blessing. We got this camera discounted at $50 (good), but noticed that its sensitive point-and-click meant that whenever other people tried to take photos of us the pictures were always blurry (bad).

Anyone have camera suggestions? We're looking for something very affordable that takes decent pictures.

I am glad I got to capture the photos still in its memory. I should probably space out posting them over the next few weeks, since we're in for another dry spell while we camera shop. But I'm the kind of person who liked to eat her peanut butter cups in 2 big bites, to get the undiluted flavor/texture experience, so here goes. (Plus, there aren't many photos to begin with...)

This is from an Easter walk. Notice my many layers.

Mothers' Day was much more agreeable. Here you can notice how long my hair is getting. I haven't cut it since the fall.

Mothers' Day still. This is a flower. To remind me that Michigan can be beautiful.

Further evidence of Michigan's beauty. This is the Huron River, at a park about 5 minutes' drive from our house.

In June, Cub Scout Commissioner Erin with her plant identification field notebook (oak leaves), in preparation for teaching the forestry merit badge to the 11-yr-old scouts.

Abe 2 weeks ago, planting seeds for our herb garden. Notice his new buzz cut.

Erin preparing more pots for the herb garden. The soil at Lowe's only came in gigantic bags, so we ended up with about 10 pots of chives, dill, cilantro, oregano, parsley, basil, lettuce, and impatients.

The sowed pots. I've been a little worried about them getting enough sunlight and Abe's been a little worried about me forgetting to water (I tried growing a very small box of herbs last year and didn't water them for about a month, and then let them sit out until December).


Dawn said...

Did you get your book about Michigan trees from the cub scouts from your local public library? :)

Sherry said...

I don't know if they are cheap, but I have a couple of friends who adore their Olympus water-proof, smash-proof, shock-proof cameras. In fact, they are probably not cheap, but they are so darn sturdy I imagine they last a while.

Are you guys coming to Park City? We are in dire need of some hard-core board gamers to marathon with us.

Dave said...

Whereas it is such a nice positive externality to get to see pictures of you and Abe. I did a bit of internet research and came up with these suggestions. I think the Nikon is the way to get just because the lag between pushing the button and taking a picture on really cheap cameras can be super annoying.

Am I in the right price/quality range?

Nikon Coolpix P60 ($99)
Olympus FE-20 ($69)
Canon PowerShot A480 ($112)

Best price right now: