Saturday, September 13, 2008

Crickets for a rainy day

My plans for refinishing a table, learning how to sail, and attending an Ultimate tournament have all been foiled by the weather. This is a rainy day post.

A few days ago I was talking on the phone with my sister, Sarah. In the middle of the conversation I heard her say to her three-year-old, "Get it! Get it!" Apparently, recent rainstorms drove the crickets to higher ground - inside their house. They have been battling the infestation for a few days now. Crickets make a formidable enemy, as they blithely hop away from incoming swats and then stay up all night chatting. Sarah was both proud of and sickened by an inadvertent victory when she squashed one of the creatures with her bare feet one evening.

Our conversation was interspersed with directives to the three-year-old to squish spotted intruders, and with Sarah's own attempt, which left her splattered in projectile goo.

We hung up and I went to the kitchen to eat lunch. After a hearty round of pasta salad I retired to the bathroom to take a shower. I turned on the water and saw, in the folds of the shower curtain, a small, brown cricket.


Mamacita said...

Oh great! That's means those crickets will be in Green Bay, too. I'll be on the look out.

Sarah said...

That's creepy. It's as if talking about them caused them to appear. The cricket problem has really united our family as we all work toward the same goal (that goal being to squash as many as possible).

We just got back from a camping trip and have already killed several crickets who probably thought they finally had the house to themselves. I'm pretty sure they were in the midst of a take-over.

Megan said...

Very gross. Every 17 years in Chicago, there is a giant Cicada infestation for a couple of weeks in the summer. I think that it has something to do with the moon, but they are seriously everywhere. Last summer was luckily that summer. It was gross because any time I would go outside, several of them would jump on me. It was scary. I hope that crickets do not take over Ann Arbor.

Maren Hansen said...

We battle the same battle, but I found spraying Ortho's Home Defense on the inside and outside parameter to have pretty much solved that... Oh, and I foam sealed the basement windows... We've hardly even seen those nasty House Centipedes.