Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So you don't have a job...

What does a person do who is not going to school, working at a job, or watching children?

Welcome to my life. Here is a snippet of what I do to keep my mind sharp, my skills marketable, and myself from going crazy.

#1: Organize my clothing by type and color.

#2: Make sure that the pen jar is amply supplied.

#3: Label boxes and containers.

#4: Clean the lids on my spice rack.

Oh, and #5: post on my blog.


Ben and Sarah said...

Maybe you should take a road trip to my place before you go crazy. Amelia likes to be entertained (and organize things).

A & J said...

So I'm pretty sure if within a few months I'd been to Jerusalem and Hawaii, I'd be bored no matter where home was! How great that you guys have been able to have such cool adventures as of late. Good luck with staying sane and finding a job!

Spike said...

Maybe some side jobs? :)

Enjoy the boredom while you can get it.

Hope everything is going well with you.

Dawn said...

I'm kinda questioning the "keep my sanity"'s possible you're already over the sanity edge...judging by the pen supply...and the cleaning of the tops of jars. :)

Enjoy! I know I am!

Jen said...

Do you want to come for a visit? My cupboard doors are open and waiting. I'll even give you free reign in the kids room. I've actually resorted to the trash bag method mom used to use.

Mamacita said...

You remind me of someone else in the family, who I just visited. You could organize your DVDs by genre and then alphabetically (but only if you have 5 shelvesful). And you could put all your computer cords, wires, adapters, etc. in ziplock baggies and label them as well. Then put them in bins. Need any more ideas? You know who you could ask.

Jen said...

Check this out Erin, I know you're an avid goodreads user but you can take it a step further with LibraryThing and actually catalog your own books!