Tuesday, July 8, 2008

3 Cheers for Family Reunions

...especially when they include 4 nights and 5 days in Hawaii.

A few highlights from our recent trip to Oahu for a family reunion. This is for those of you who won't make it through the 60-photo slideshow in the next post down.

Abe's grandmother (on his father's side) is from Hawaii, so this was a reunion spectacular, with the whole family plus some time with Grandma's brothers and sisters and their families. We're talking 3rd cousins twice removed, easily.

Excellent accommodations.

4th of July from the rooftop overlooking the ocean.

Building Gong Manor on the beach at Kailua. Check out the retaining wall - Gongs 1, waves 0.

Sunset at Kaena Beach. Accompanied Gloria and Carl, the newlyweds (not pictured) followed by greasy spoon garlic shrimp (also not pictured).

Kayaking to islands and perfect beaches in Kailua. Various cousins pictured here.

Disc on the beach. Many, many times.

Sea turtle swimming on the water surface right next to our boat, then diving down. Yes, it is that shadow you see. I promise.


Dim Sum lunch with Grandma.

Hiking through the rain forest to see Manoa Falls. "Abe is hidden somewhere in this picture. Abe, will you stand up, please."

Watching others brave Leptospirorsis (carried to Manoa Falls by pigs, watch out - pig hunting on Wednesdays and Sundays) and landslides to bath in the ... waterfall? hello, dry season!


Janssen said...

My family reunions are NEVER that cool. I'd like to renegotiate my terms.

Ben and Sarah said...

That looks like paradise. Who thought the words "family reunion" and "paradise" would go together. Glad you guys had fun. Cute haircut by the way.

Megan said...

Hawaii is so beautiful. What a great place for a family reunion. Your pictures turned out so well.

Dawn said...

No kidding. No one has family reunions this fun!