Tuesday, June 25, 2013

we bought a house!

This has been in the works for a while, but now that I'm sitting in our new 3rd bedroom-office writing this, I think it's official.

We bought a house!

I could go into the story of the 1 month whirlwind of looking at homes in a frustrating sellers market, the 2 months of craziness that was being "in contract" for the home, the 2 weeks of packing/cleaning/leasing our apartment, and the last 3 days of unpacking and starting to settle in to our new home.

But honestly, it's not something I want to relive in great detail.

Instead I will do a digital victory dance (da da da dooby da da) and enjoy the idea that we now live in a home of our own.

At some point I anticipate posting photos. For now, here's the exterior photo from the real estate listing. 


Megan said...

Congrats! That is so exciting. I have heard how difficult it is for buyers now.

Whitehead Family Fun said...

Congrats! We are in the contract stage right now and are supposed to close next week. It is frustrating but I'm sure we will be glad when it is all done. Love the house.

Dawn said...

So happy for you. I know how frustrating the whole process is. You did good! It's cute!!!

oh! resolution said...


Margaret said...

Wahoo! Congratulations!

little red hen said...

What a great looking house. Your parents had told us a lot about it when we saw them over memorial day. So glad it all worked out for you guys. Congrats!

Leonard George said...

All's well that ends well. What matters now is that the house is already yours. Did you ask for professional help? Doing it all by yourself may sound fun and like an adventure, but being with a professional gives you the edge of closing a good deal and finding the right house for you. I wish you all the happiness, and may all your plans work out for you!

-Leonard George @ Remax-Crest-Vancouver-BC