Monday, February 4, 2013

Five things on my mind at 9:10pm on Monday night

1. We need to take out the trash bags sitting on our porch because a crow, squirrel, and pigeon have discovered them. Little do they know one is a decoy bag full of dirty diapers.

2. I love having pictures hung on our walls. This only took us six weeks to get to. Now I can finally take photos of the new apartment and post them. But I have to clean the place first. And wait for a time when there is good lighting. And remember to do it. Those three things will probably not align until at least the fourth full moon of Chinese New Year.

3. Ice cream sounds delicious.

4. I want to do a self-directed refresher course in statistics that is grounded in real data and questions, will refresh me on basic descriptive and inferential stats, and help me understand more complicated models. While I'm at it, I would like to learn a good open source program for data analysis. Nothing about this should be frustrating, only enlightening. And all completely free. And something that I will look forward to doing in the evenings more than sleeping or watching another episode of Doctor Who.

5. I just found out about a local book group that focuses on classic literature. They have read Dickens, Hawthorne, Bronte (several of them), and Wharton, to name a few. I am very excited to join in. This may trump #4 for evening activities, which probably explains why my Bachelor's degree is in English.

Bonus thought: It is really quiet in our house right now. I can hear the hum of the refrigerator and of my laptop. I like quiet.

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Susan Thomas said...

I like the way your life sounds right now, Erin. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!