Monday, January 28, 2013

Team Gong 2012

Like most years, we had a limited run of our Christmas greeting cards. So here is the digital version. Don't worry, you are only seeing this approximately 10 days after everyone who received a physical card.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013!

Team Gong 2012 - Enterprise Fact Sheet

Our Mission: Team Gong maximizes family fun by leveraging existing and future opportunities, through education, music, quantitative reasoning, nap time, and responsible citizenship. Now in its eighth year of operation, Team Gong is revenue-positive, with a 100% increase in headcount over the last 30 months. Team Gong enjoys extensive venture backing from Lindsay Associates, Olsen Inc., Bronson & Bronson, and the Greater Gong Dynasty.

Our Team: Once again, Abe did not finish his dissertation this year, but rest assured that he is "close." With the tome underway and a nod from his committee, he set out for California to start a job—a real job!—as data scientist at Jawbone. In this position, he creates many graphs (some of them pretty), and uses small computers to make people sleep more and run longer distances. Abe is excited to be returning to the Ancestral Gong Home in Palo Alto, +/- 50 miles. 

In 2012, Erin completed several strategic planning and evaluation contracts with Michigan libraries and museums, leaving her with greater professional confidence and a growing dislike for elements of Michigan's Tea Party. With help from friends, family, and Amazon, she published her first book, alphAmuse. 

Jonah, our resident expert on all things Truck, turned 2 this year. His recent accomplishments include running rapidly in circles, counting to 100, the phrase "May I please have...?", and a lasting mutual friendship with Hopeful Penguin. When next you see him, Jonah will likely oblige you with a rousing chorus of "Waltzing Matilda.” 

Addy joined Team Gong on March 9 of this year. At 9 months old, she is proficient at crawling, eating solid foods, and gathering the family for meals. We've found her to be a cheerful and adorable explorer (and occasional pickpocket) with no great liking for socks.

Our Values: Our family is brave and cheerful, reverent and awesome. We are soft and share with friends. We do not throw cups or pull hair.

We've Moved! Our new premises are at “The Penthouse” in Mountain View, CA 94040. Please update your rolodex accordingly.

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Dawn said...

I need to get your address actually INTO my address book! I have friends (undergrad college roomate) in Mountainview! :) I'm so happy for you guys, starting on the next adventure of your lives. The kids sound awesome. So does Abe's job...and you can do your work from anywhere...agree with you about the Tea Party. For sure.