Tuesday, November 27, 2012

something sad...

I was recently made aware that our beloved alphabet book, alphAmuse, is missing the letter S. Although I would love to blame the printers, the fault is entirely my own. As such, for those who have purchased the book, it will sadly remain s-less forever.

I've given a lot of thought about how to remedy the situation. I briefly considered giving everyone a 1/26th discount ... it seemed impractical.

Instead, I am posting the missing page here, along with a special tribute to S. Also, I will be looking into how to update the book currently available on Amazon.

An Ode to _elf-Publi_hing

Silly socks secretly samba.
Sweet strawberries succulently smell.
Stately sweatervests sagaciously sit.

But even a jazzed up reader 
may zoom from cover to cover 
through a new alphabet book and unequivocally 
fail to meet the nineteenth letter 
before exiting.


Brady said...

oh, my. How did I not notice that! Sorry S.

Weezie said...

Oh good! Now you'll have an excellent story to tell about your first book publishing venture. Plus, I don't mind tephanie. :)

Maybe you could turn it into a series. Write 25 more alphabet books, leaving out a different letter each time.

little red hen said...

I like teph's idea...and I think it is really cool that it is missing, a mystery alphabet book. Still think you are amazing.