Wednesday, November 21, 2012

8 things I am loving right now

In the spirit of Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday - here are a few things I have been enjoying this month.

1. Gregorian Chant radio station on Pandora. It's like doing yoga without having to do yoga.

2. Winter layers! But only because I get to wear all my combinations once and then move to California before real winter comes.

3. Hot cocoa made with milk, cocoa powder and just a bit of sugar. So dark and delicious.

4. Deciding to work out every other day instead of every day.

5. "Close Your Eyes" children's book by Kate Banks and illustrated by Georg Hallensleben. My favorite line: "Dark is just the other side of light. It what comes before dreams."

6. My kids both demanding to sit at the piano and play together while I make dinner.

7. Neatly packed and stacked boxes, ready to move. As much as moving isn't fun, given that we have to do it, I like having some of it done.

8. Pumpkin flavored everything! (Except the decaying Halloween pumpkin that is currently over-flavoring my porch.)

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