Saturday, September 29, 2012

the best thing about california

Is all of the songs about California. Stats from wikipedia:
  • There are 395 songs about California (including covers by different artists).
  • Of those, 80 are titled simply "California".
  • There are 213 songs about San Francisco, in addition to the 395 California songs.
  • Wikipedia did not have a page for songs about Michigan (Elizabeth Downie, I formally challenge you to write this page)
Based on this musical enamoration, we have decided to move to California at the end of the year. Also, Abe got a job in San Francisco.

We're pretty excited about this next phase of life, when we're not feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of the cross-country journey. I just have two questions.

1. Does anyone know of a modest home in a good neighborhood somewhere in the Bay Area that costs less than approximately a gazillion dollars?
2. Does anyone have a recommendation for a company to move our car across the country?

I really do need help on Question #2. We'll need the car to live out of (see Question #1).


Janssen said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to hear about your adventures there.

Sherry said...

Susan told me you were moving to San Francisco, but you hadn't ever really said anything on the blog. We are very excited for you!

You might want to hit up Brianne about some good moving companies. I don't know about moving cars, but I do know they have moved a lot. Nate and Shalissa might also be helpful. (Though I'm certain that in their last move they sold one of their cars rather than drive it half-way across the country.)

Megan said...

We shipped our car from Michigan to California with:
They seemed to do a good job and we had no problems. Chris just e-mailed several companies for quotes and they happened to be the cheapest. I think it ended up being around $700, which is probably not much more than what the car is worth.

Scott said...
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Scott said...

Ask Samantha Whitehead! She knows all about the car thing! I think she said it cost her 1000 to get her car from MI to NM, which gas is 450 or so, I would not bad.

Lindsay said...

That's so exciting! There are so many fun things to do in the Bay Area.

Cost of living is outrageous here. I keep looking on Craigslist to rent a three-bedroom apartment and convince myself we are fine in a two-bedroom for now. :)

Word to the wise, avoid living in East Palo Alto or most of East San Jose. They are cheaper, but for a good reason and NOT a place you would want to live. If you have any additional questions you can email me (lindsay.florence at gmail).

knrider said...

Our cars were shipped by United Van Lines. They did an excellent job and it was quick. We had the direct number to the driver and was able to call him once we had a drop off location (since we didn't when he took the car.) For both of our cars it looks like the bill was around $2,350. If Abe's job will pay for the move David Golden who works for Corrigan (which United contracts with in Ann Arbor to do their moves) was AMAZING! Nothing got broken and he was so careful with our stuff. We never saw the final bill for the move but I am assuming it was quite pricey. Good luck with the move and getting resettled. Nothing quite like good old Ann Arbor.

Cherise Burk said...

I'm just catching up on your blog, and hope this comment isn't too late!
California! Wow! We're closer! Steve has never been to SF, so that's a vacation we're hoping to make soon! So we can come see you!
My aunt and uncle live in Walnut Creek and love it and my Grandmother lived in Pleasanton for many years and really loved it too.
My uncle works in SF and takes bart to/from Walnut Creek everyday.
When is the big move?