Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the law of conservation of calories

In the middle of the summer, I started getting tired of excess post-baby flab around my middle. I pondered about why this flab wouldn't go away, and finally decided it may have been because I was doing absolutely no regular exercise.

I embarked on Jillian Michael's "30 Day Shred". My friend talked about how there were these 3 levels to the workout, and you were supposed to do each level for 10 days. The workouts are supposed to be pretty intense and only last 25 minutes.

It went pretty well at the beginning. After Level 1 I actually slimmed down enough to fit into some shorts that had been too tight on me. But since that initial loss, I haven't seen the flattening and washboarding of my abs that I imagined in my head when I started.

Today I started the 3rd level (if you're trying to do the math, don't worry. i'm sure that from the middle of summer to September 19th is exactly 20 days). During the workout, Jillian mentioned that if we'd come this far in the series and had been following the diet, we should have amazingly honed figures by now.


What diet? I didn't know anything about a diet. This must be something that is mentioned with all the materials that come with actually buying the DVD and not just watching copies on YouTube.


It's probably a good thing I didn't know about the diet, though. Because this is how "regular exercise" plays out in my life:


Megan said...

I do the 30 Day Shred DVD way too randomly to see any actual results. My lack of results may also be because I am fighting Andrew for use of my hand weights during the entire workout. That is great that you saw results from the DVD!

Whitehead Family Fun said...

I actually bought the DVD and diet, what diet? Oh well I like my oreos too much to follow any diet. I'm also too random with the DVD to see much results...maybe next year :)