Friday, March 9, 2012

friday photos

A few weeks ago it was just snowy enough to go sledding. Genghis loved the "slide". Although his first solo run was a bit rough (see video).

In other news, Genghis gave me what I consider to be a first, real, genuine hug Thursday morning. (He's a bit of a late bloomer on signs of affection.) He had just finished throwing a 10-minute temper tantrum and was laying halfway underneath the dining room table. I went over to him and started rubbing his tummy and talking to him. He talked back to me. I think we were having a conversation about all the crumbs he was finding on the floor. Then I told him that I knew it was hard not to be able to get everything he wanted and not to be able to communicate as well as he wanted, but that I loved him. Then he stood up, held his arms out wide, and leaned in to give me a big hug.

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