Thursday, April 21, 2011

hello world

I'd like to start off this post by reprimanding all of my readers for not commenting on last Friday's photo (okay, Sunday's photo - why, oh why, did I tie myself to a day of the week with that ongoing title?) of Genghis with the umbrella. Don't you realize this is a very unique photo? Here's a Venn Diagram to explain.

In case looking at Venn Diagrams makes you break out in a cold sweat as you imagine yourself sitting in 7th grade pre-Algebra, here's the gist. I take a lot of photos of Genghis. He is usually blurry. He sometimes smiles. He rarely smiles and is not blurry.

Hooray, Umbrella Photo!

Okay, a confession before you read any farther. I really don't have much to say in this post. I am writing now to remind myself that I am human.

I have spent most of my baby-free hours this last week trying to create a dynamic website using Drupal, a content management system. Even though using Drupal means I don't have to write a line of actual computer code, it still leaves me feeling like an automaton.

To overcome that feeling, here's a list of some human-like things I've done recently:
- Devoured Red Velvet Cake
- Cleaned up spaghetti after an 8-month old "ate" it
- Felt the sunlight warm my cheeks and arms while driving in my car
- Squinted through a rainstorm while driving in my car
- Made several jokes about wondering whether we were human or dancer with my husband, who does even more computer coding than me, making the answer to this question even more vital
- Hit "snooze" on my alarm clock
- Put on my glasses to read
- Did a Yoga workout
- Tried (unsuccessfully) to remember to pay a bill

What makes you feel human? Or better yet, what makes you feel dancer?


Rita said...

This week, feeling dancer was completing the colonoscopy prep. 'nough said!

Rita said...

I loved the umbrella picture! I printed it out!!

Jen said...

I tried to read a book but ended up taking a nap in my car while waiting for N to finish dance class. (I was human, N was dancer)

Using the data from your Venn diagram, I conclude that you should count yourself lucky to be using digital media instead of paying to print film!

Megan said...

For my no comment posts I always make Chris comment. That makes me feel better for some reason.

It is so difficult to take non blurry smiling pictures at this age. It seems like right when I press the picture button Andrew looks down.

Dawn said...

I have similar (and perhaps more, as Katie is 4 and G. is not yet)...numbers of blurry, non smiling photos. But I have yet to get a photo of Katie smiling while under an umbrella.