Monday, January 17, 2011

introducing ... alphAmuse!

Abe and I play this incredibly fun game with Genghis where we say a letter of the alphabet over and over again, making all of its sounds ("B. Bee bee bee, buh buh buh, bee, bee, buh. B!"). Then we have to come up with a sentence with that letter. ("Bouncing bears boast boisterously. Bee bee buh buh ... B!"). Genghis often smiles and sometimes laugh. And we have a great time.

We have so much fun, in fact, that we decided to created a blog where anyone can play this game with us. Throughout 2011, we'll go through each letter of the alphabet and anyone can comment with silly sentences based on that letter.

At the end, we'll compile winning sentences from each letter into a fully illustrated book.

So check out "alphAmuse" (click here)! I just put up the first post on the letter "A". Visit the blog and post a comment. Coming up with a sentence that uses words beginning with just one letter is easier and more fun than you think!

Oh, and you can add alphAmuse to your RSS feeds so you can see when each new letter post comes up.

(Here's a video of the game, sort of. Abe got totally stuck on the letter K, so this is more of a bloopers reel. But apparently Genghis finds Klingons amusing.)


Jen said...

What a genius idea! I'm not at all surprised that you and Abe came up with it.

gJetsam said...

There's a book on this exact concept by Graeme Base called Animalia Check it out from the library to get help on the tricky letters :)